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ChatGPT is not for the faint of heart

March 16, 2023


ChatGPT in the current format my firm has access to is not for the faint of heart. I personally tested it in connection with a recent speech I was writing on a not too esoteric legal topic. It failed in the way that juniors sometimes can write things that seem completely reasonable but are completely wrong.

Mid-Year Perspective on the Status of China’s Currency

July 2, 2017


Written by Todd R. Vollmers, Managing Director, Global Access CSG There has been increasing interest in trends pertaining to China, particularly given its relatively new role as the world’s second largest economy and growing importance to international trade and the global economy. Since 1978 (when China began instituting political reform making it more open) according […]

Law & Life Magazine Interview with Michael Macaluso

February 4, 2016


Michael Macaluso: Global finance and legal expert Law & Life Vol. 2, July 16, 2015, cover story Michael J. Macaluso, whose Chinese name is: 马鲁索. Interview translated from the original Chinese.  He is the chairman and General Counsel of Global Access and a former Partner in finance, capital markets, and investment funds at DLA Piper. He has successfully […]

A Respectable World Cup Analysis

June 16, 2014


A new leader in World Cup analytics has emerged. It looks to be an extremely timely and thorough analysis undertaken, it seems, with great enthusiasm. It is also an informative and enjoyable read to boot, which I commend to you. You can click on the link below the picture to get there. They do have the proper Disclosure […]

Cayman Islands Excursion

August 18, 2013


Today’s post is about a trip, a tagging along daughter and some unexpected memories. The Cayman Islands, of course, is where thousands of funds are registered and where many a company listed, or about to be listed, on a stock exchange resides. All that doesn’t mask the fact that it is a very nice Caribbean island. The two of […]