Michael Macaluso is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Global Access CSG, a global merchant banking, private equity and advisory services firm and a leader in the global direct investment and business consulting space. He has significant investment banking experience and was a partner with leading global law firms for many years.

Constantly on the go, Mr. Macaluso brings tremendous focus, energy, and enthusiasm to his clients and their endeavors.  According to one client, “Michael’s approach to global deal making and business represents breakthrough leadership in the global deal space, driven by dramatic compression of the deal-making and business success cycle.”

Michael has taught capital markets at the University of Minnesota Law School for over a decade and has guest lectured on three continents.

Through his blog, Michael hopes to provide context to reduce uncertainty for those engaging in cross-border projects, investments and transactions and to share some of his experience and insight to bridge the cultural and logistical divides that often stand in the way of accomplishing goals or investments in companies, projects, or countries.

Please visit the sub-pages in this section for Michael Macaluso’s local language bio.

NOTICE: The posts on this blog are not legal advice and no legal advice is intended to be provided.  This site is the personal blog of Michael Macaluso and the opinions expressed are his own and not those of Cappello Group, Inc., Global Access CSG, their clients, the University of Minnesota or the Hanoi School of Business.

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